Using AppleScript to save attachments in Outlook for Mac OS

Breaking the sandbox

Situation You want to automatically save your attachments for some e-mails in Outlook for Mac OS. Outlook Rules does not allow you to save attachments somewhere. AppleScript to the rescue. Outlook AppleScript: Save attachment In the more recent versions of Outlook for Mac OS though, a sandbox is in place. So if you try to save an email attachment to a folder of choice, you will get an user-friendly and nice error. [Read More]

Attach Files to a new Outlook 2016 message in Mac OS (High) Sierra or Mojave

Applescript at work

Attaching files to e-mail I often want to attach files from Finder to a new e-mail, and I use Outlook from Office 365 on Mac OS Sierra (and now updated for MacOS Mojave). I know you can drag the selected file(s) to the Outlook icon in the Dock. But this is often an extra action. I just want to right click, and “Share”, or similar. Apparently Outlook 2016 (Office 365) does not ship anymore with the handy Automater scripts that used to accompany Outlook. [Read More]