How to use Tomb to Store Secrets

Burying the truth

Based on: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS Tomb 2.5 Requirements: 3x USB stick (1 marked with ‘OS’, 1 marked with ‘Tomb’, 1 marked with ‘Key’) Introduction Sometimes there is the need to store some data offline in a secure fashion. Ideally in a way that can be recreated later on and based on a standard that is probably going to stay around for a long while. Tomb from dyne. [Read More]

How to auto deploy Hugo website on Plesk Onyx

Using TransIP BladeVPS

Based on: Plesk Onyx 17.5.3 Hugo 0.38.1 Introduction After looking around for a static site generator from Markdown, I’ve chosen Hugo as my tool of choice. I would love to just be able to edit my Markdown locally on my laptop, commit, push to Github and then have my website automatically updated on the server. Luckily this is possible when using Plesk. Plesk supports the ability to deploy a website directly from a git repository. [Read More]

Getting a full offline travel copy using wget on Mac OS

wget is king

TL;DR: wget -r -E -k -p -np -nc --random-wait' There are cases when you want to download a website as an offline copy. For me it’s usually because it’s a site I want to be able to use while I’m offline. That happens either by choice or because of planes that don’t have Wi-Fi available (Gen-1 planes ;)). When we download a website for local offline use, we need it in full. [Read More]

Attach Files to a new Outlook 2016 message in Mac OS Sierra

Applescript at work

Attaching files to e-mail I often want to attach files from Finder to a new e-mail, and I use Outlook from Office 365 on Mac OS Sierra. I know you can drag the selected file(s) to the Outlook icon in the Dock. But this is often an extra action. I just want to right click, and “Share”, or similar. Apparently Outlook 2016 (Office 365) does not ship anymore with the handy Automater scripts that used to accompany Outlook. [Read More]