Deploying RocketChat using Docker Compose on Ubuntu 18.04

Boxing the Rocket

Introduction This article is about installing and deploying RocketChat. And then specifically in the following configuration: I wanted to use RocketChat in Docker containers (using Docker Compose) on a TransIP BladeVPS with Ubuntu 18.04. Sounds simple, right? There are multiple references for deploying RocketChat, but none in the immediate configuration that I wanted. The closest was the DigitalOcean tutorial on how to install, configure and deploy RocketChat on Ubuntu 14. [Read More]

How to auto deploy Hugo website on Plesk Onyx

Using TransIP BladeVPS

Based on: Plesk Onyx 17.5.3 Hugo 0.38.1 Introduction After looking around for a static site generator from Markdown, I’ve chosen Hugo as my tool of choice. I would love to just be able to edit my Markdown locally on my laptop, commit, push to Github and then have my website automatically updated on the server. Luckily this is possible when using Plesk. Plesk supports the ability to deploy a website directly from a git repository. [Read More]